We, TM=GR* (*teaming is growing), are a team of executives formerly working for Sun Microsystems (customer services division). There, we worked for 10 years together and have a track of success. Our stregths are: developing new markets and developing teams to manage those markets.

We are now looking for companies that want execute enterprise-wide projects, as starting business in Iberia, reinventing the company or launching a new line of business. Both if our customer has no presence in Spain, the 5th european economy, or want to launch a new product here, our knowledge of the spanish IT market makes this collaboration profitable for both of us.

TM=GR* offers an innovative way to execute these projects. We act as Interim Management Team, delivering faster results than the traditional way and with less investment risks.

There is some more info in this site, but probably neither your company nor our proposal fit in a piece of paper or a web page. Please contact us if you want to explore how your company and TM=GR* can work together.