How TM=GR* executes projects

Can projects be executed in a different way? In TM=GR* we think that is possible and that is exactly what we offer: a team, already stablished, with a track of success, and ready to take over your project and drive it to deliver results in the fastest way andcommitted in every way to those results.

We think that there is a better way to execute enterprise projects.

How does this team do it?

These are the principles and values of our way to face enterprise projects:

  • we only work as a team. we do believe that, as a team, we can achieve what a single individual cannot. Our capabilities leverage, and our success track managing businesses backs us up.
  • we focus in the tasks that add value to your business. There are three things in which we, as a team, perform specially well. First, we launch projects and get the fastest results: the start-up rocket. Second, we develop a market for the project. And third, we create the team that, eventually, will manage the project.
  • we work in projects whose needs and our capabilities are aligned. We know where we add the maximum value: rocket start-up, market development and team creation. If those three are key for your project, we can team up. In this assertion it is implied that our assignements are temporary, as long as those three aspects remain.

If you want further information about TM=GR* proposal and methodology, you can contact us. We will answer to your request promptly. Or you can download some documentation.

Downloadable documents (in PDF format) about TM=GR* (*)Teaming is Growing
  • Brochure with methodology and proposal detailed, english version (click here)
  • Brochure with methodology and proposal in spanish (click here)
  • Company presentation, english version (click here)

Now you probably want to know more about our methodology and how we go into the details of the project. If so, please follow the links above or navigate the menu. For further, faster and more detailed information please download this PDF file (in spanish) or just send an email to the team.