Bamboo inspired teaming

Bamboo is the inspiration to create the TM=GR* (* teaming is growing) work methodology.

Bamboo is the plant with fastest growth worldwide,  30% faster than the next one. It can raise more than 30 metres in just a month. The reason: it has been setting up for seven years, developing its root. When it starts growing, it counts on the bests foundations and grounds to devote all its energy to that.

When it is cut, it grows again and again: it is ready to work against any setback.

It has one of the strongest structures known, stronger than iron with much lower weight. It is flexible and that is the reason to also be robust. With bamboo we can build scaffolding to tall buildings, houses and bridges earthquake proved.

Bamboo also have a unique quality: all individual s from a forest are connected to each other in a way still no clear.

They build a network , one unit. The entity communicate, develop and grow together.

A team.