What TM=GR* offer and we seek

After those years working together, we know each other, we know how to use and recognize our individual capabilities and create team capabilities on them. What are these capabilities?

  • #1: the capability to co-create a strategy that solve the business problem we are facing; TM=GR* develops an action plan to implement that strategy.
  • #2: the capability to form highly motivated team that are able to implement that solution and deliver results.
  • #3: the capability to execute the solution, fast and focused in success.

TM=GR* has been built as a real high performance team.

What are we seeking?

We look for projects were those capabilities add value, and we look for companies with complementary capabilities.

There are two kind of projects:

  • Those launched by a company that needs to execute a transformation project. In this case, we check that our capabilities match the needs and, if so, TM=GR* and that company develop and agree together an strategy and an action plan
  • On the other hand, if TM=GR* detect a market with growth posibilities, we take the initiative to create the business and execution plan and contact a company to harvest that opportunity together. In this case, we require that company to have complementary capabilities with us.