What TM=GR* does best

When a company thinks about launching a new enterprise-level transformation project, all the current working models force them to think lineally: define the infrastructure first, hire a Managing Director second, hire some people to surround him or her afterwards, and if the market is big enough, at the end the most critical task is tomake up a team to carry it out.

When you follow this traditional, lineal path, the results may delay quite long, the resulting organization does not scale and a lot of time is devoted to get that group to work as a really high performance team – if that is even posible, not an obvious assertion when all the selection was done based on individual capabilities and not in mutual rapport and levearage.

TM=GR* executes enterprise-wide transformation projects and business projects with a better, innovative model of work organization.

We do it faster

Speed means being able to implement our customer business project and to achieve business targets much faster than following any other methodology. We achieve that speed by coordinating 3 aspects:

  • TM=GR* is 100% operating and ready from day 0. No setting up times.
  • We split evaluation and creation of execution plan steps – when we start project deployment we focus on getting results quickly thanks to have all line of activities clearly defined
  • All tasks are parallelized. Our methodology allows TM=GR* and final team to work at the same time in different start up areas.
We do it better

We do not perform faster but do things differently. And those differences are key to achieving the best performance:

  • The best team in each moment, and each of them focused in the activities for which they are more skilled: TM=GR* opens new markets thanks to their large experience, and the final team will manage that market. These two tasks require different approaches and skills. To use same profiles and skills for different tasks means that people won’t have the best productivity. That may happen that conflict and lack of motivation can appears when task and skill are miss-alignment.TM=GR* assure the best profile for each task, and we will develop the team with that priority.
  • Security. We assure the security thanks to our historical success, we have large references, and to our present skills. In addition to out start up focus, we also have a hight capacity to identify and solve problems.
  • Freedom and autonomy. That means that our customer can always decide the next step. We eliminate other models dependencies that force to keep wrong decisions because cost of change is out of control. Customer will always own the execution plan, once it is approved, and they  can deploy it with internal resources if they wish. For that, we propose several decision points during the project, that assure business continuity.
We do it cheaper

At the end of the project, our costumer will experience savings when comparing to the traditional model. Why?

  • The cost model is more efficient and, above all, much more predictable. Our customers know in each moment, how much they need to invest, what they are going to achieve and their schedule. That allows for a better global business planification.
  • On the other hand, thinking in people capabilities and development while hiring, and not in current people roles, puts operating cost are really under control.
  • And last, but very important, our compensation is always related to business results.